Many Thanks to The Wonderful Families Who Have Entrusted Me With Their Students For The College Counseling & Admission Essay Journey

Elizabeth’s students have gone on to attend top schools around the U.S. and internationally, including:

Amherst College
Barnard College
Boston University
Bowdoin College
Columbia University
Dartmouth College
Duquesne University
Emory University

Georgetown University
Johns Hopkins University
McGill University (Canada)
New York University
Oberlin College
Reed College
Trinity College
Tufts University
Tulane University

University of California at Santa Cruz
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Edinburgh (UK)
University of Pennsylvania
Vassar College
Washington University
Wesleyan University
Yale University


A Parent of a Rye High School Student who Matriculated to Yale University:

My son really enjoyed working with you and it was just what he needed. God knows how he got into Yale without a single connection. But I think he got in because he was “locked and ready to go” to apply to 22 other schools. I really loved his essays, they seemed to get deeper and truer as he went along. He was actually disappointed that he wasn’t going to submit the rest of them. I am going to keep them so that he has a glimpse of what he was thinking when he was 18.

My son tells me that his takeaway from the process was that 1) when you start to write what you want instead of what you think they want, it starts to work out and 2) it is amazing that you can actually get in to Yale writing about dragons and superheroes.


A Parent of Public and Private School Students Who Both Matriculated to Private Middle and High Schools: 

Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with.  My children focused and worked hard for her. The work was done efficiently and the final product was still clearly each child’s own work. Worth every penny!


A Parent of a Hunter College High School Student who Matriculated to Barnard College:

Working with Elizabeth England was one of the highlights of our college application process. My daughter says this: “She’s super-helpful with brainstorming. She helps you find your own best voice and gives good editorial suggestions. Elizabeth is easy to talk to and sticks with you throughout the process.” I was also grateful for Elizabeth’s kind and thoughtful approach to working with anxious parents! She is encouraging, patient, responsive. She’s an optimist and a realist. We highly recommend working with her!


A Parent of an Easthampton High School Junior/Tennis Player Who Matriculated to Georgetown University:

In my very first phone conversation with Elizabeth, I felt like I was speaking to a close friend who had an earnest interest in my son’s future. She immediately shared her wealth of knowledge as it pertained to my son, and I felt a huge relief to know that I was in the hands of someone who truly cared and would be an enormous support for us through this stressful process. Elizabeth has continued to provide us with current information and helpful tips while planning our college trips. I look forward to working with Elizabeth as my son goes through the grueling application process.


A Student from Dwight School who Matriculated to New York University:

Without you, my essay would never have been the essay it was and my supplements greatly benefited from your editing. I’m attending NYU in the fall and I really just wanted to say thanks for helping me.


A Student from Huntington High School who Matriculated to Emory University:

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into helping me with my essays and supplements for school! I’ll be attending Emory University in the fall. Couldn’t have done it without you!


A Parent of a Webster University Geneva Student who Transferred to University of Maryland:

Open and clear, Elizabeth established and maintained a positive relationship with our son. Having been educated solely in french, our son needed to find his voice in English. Through Elizabeth’s guidance, the end result was a voice that was elegant, articulate and honest.


A Student from Frank Sinatra School of the Arts who Matriculated to McGill University:

While I was preparing my college admissions essays, Elizabeth’s correspondence gave me a quality of technical and conceptual editing help that I simply wouldn’t have received had I depended on my school’s less specialized counselors. Aside from offering important suggestions about the structural and grammatical elements of my essays, she provided a useful third-party viewpoint that I felt very comfortable bouncing a variety of ideas off of, and brought my attention to the images I was presenting to admissions offices in a way that my family, friends, and school most likely would not have. Overall, I found Elizabeth to be a pleasure to work with and a great source of critique and encouragement during a very stressful process, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for help with developing their admissions materials.


A Student from Mumbai, India who Matriculated to Boston University’s PLME Program:

I just heard back from the last of the colleges today. Just wanted to let you know that I did not get accepted into Brown or Northwestern. However, I was accepted at Boston University’s accelerated guaranteed program, which I am very excited to be in. I really appreciate all the help you gave me.


A Student from The Spence School who Matriculated to Amherst College:

When I first met with Elizabeth she was really fun to talk to. She asked me a series of helpful questions and I began to tell her stories about things that I was thinking about. Just from those stories she was able to help me pull out and then develop themes. Additionally she was able to explain how to approach the whole process, and gave me tips and a schedule for moving forward. During the writing process, Elizabeth helped me tighten my language and make my essays more colorful and to the point. I really appreciated her help and encouragement, especially because no high school senior wants to hear advice from their parents.


A Parent of a Saint Ann’s School Student who Matriculated to Vassar College:

Thank you for all of your help, advice, patience and support. I cannot believe how ridiculously difficult this process has become. Your support made such a difference in surviving it. Will definitely recommend you to others and will keep you posted on what she hears from school.


A Parent of a New Hope Solebury High School Student who Matriculated to Duquesne University:

I don’t know how you do it but you are made for this job! You have an uncanny ability to see the substance through the traffic and poor grammar and sift out an essay that says exactly what was trying to be said!

My daughter sent me an elated text this morning saying that you liked her essays, and that she edited them and returned them to you! If you could only hear the surprise and relief! I guess I need to be better at couching constructive criticism 🙂

Thanks again so much. You have made this process bearable.


A Student from Interlochen who Matriculated to Oberlin College:

Your help with my college essay, apps and supplements has helped me leaps and bounds. I do not know where my applications would have been without your careful and cunning eye, your input and edits. My college essay is something I am proud of, and it is what it is because of the great work you helped me put into it.

During college supplements you pushed me and helped me write those college “love letters.” I have submitted all of my applications, and have already heard back from one: University of Vermont, which I was accepted to.


A Parent of a Fiorella H. Laguardia Student who Matriculated to Tulane University:

To me, you were a lifesaver. You put the motor under my daughter and gave her the confidence she needed to get through this challenging process…And you took the pressure off of me, which had it continue the way it was with my editing my daughter’s essay would have ended up hijacking our relationship. Mostly, she truly enjoyed the collaboration with you…Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Again, I have so much respect for and gratitude to you for the time, effort, sensitivity and intelligence you put in to your consulting and editing.


A Parent of a Village Community School Student who Matriculated to Beacon High School:

When my son entered 8th grade I was totally unprepared for the arduous process of applying to high schools — applications, tests, and essays. Hiring Elizabeth to help my son with the essay portion of his numerous applications was the smartest thing I did. With her guidance he composed terrific essays, which I believe were instrumental in his getting accepted to his top choice schools. She also gave him great pep talks, helping his confidence. I’m sure Ill be hiring her again in 4 years!!!!


A Parent of a Village Community School Student who Matriculated to The Horace Mann School:

Somehow, Elizabeth was able to get my son to complete in just a few sessions the essays that would have taken him weeks to do on his own. It sure made my life easier!


Parent of Two Saint Ann’s School Students Who Matriculated to Amherst College and University of Pennsylvania:

Elizabeth was recommended to us by a close friend and I’m so happy I took her advice! Both my son and daughter (two years apart) were eagerly engaged throughout the essay coaching process and enjoyed and valued Elizabeth’s input and enthusiasm. Each of my children, while very close, are different learners and were looking for different school environments. Elizabeth seamlessly transitioned from one to the other encouraging their individual voices to shine through. Their personal statements were truly just that. Elizabeth is engaging and warm and relieved so much of the stress involved in this process along with the writing jitters of starting with a blank sheet. Her approach is refreshing. For my kids to find enjoyment during this time was invaluable and we all are so appreciative for all of Elizabeth’s support and I couldn’t recommend her more!


Parent of a Fiorella H. Laguardia High School Of Music & Art and Performing Arts Student Who Matriculated to University of Edinburgh, UK:

Elizabeth has an infectious enthusiasm for the college process that really helped us as a family to face our fears and clarify our thinking. She is warm, knowledgeable and wonderful at communicating with Juniors about every step they have to take. We are very grateful to Elizabeth for making the process easy and even somewhat enjoyable! Our daughter is off to Edinburgh University in UK and we couldn’t be happier.


Parent of Three Students from A Private School in Spain Who Matriculated to American Universities:

Elizabeth worked with three of my five sons. The two whom she didn’t help were before her days of college counseling; if not, they would have been signed up as well. The process is simple, hassle free, full of encouragement and perfect for this stressful time for everyone. Elizabeth stays on top of the students without overwhelming them. She edits and tweaks the essays to make them more fluid without offending the writer. Being the mother of five boys, I am constantly looking for help with motivation in areas other than athletics. Elizabeth was my answer for the college application process. If I had another chance to do it all over again, Elizabeth would be our woman!


Student from a Private School in Houston, TX Who Matriculated to Columbia University:

We met Ms. England through one of my dad’s family friends while he was inquiring as to who would be a helpful writing coach, specifically in regards to Ivy League essays. Firstly, we approached each of my school’s prompts, and we brainstormed thoroughly as to ensure that my corresponding essay was both unique and authentic. Thereafter, I would write a draft and send it to her, and she’d have a revised version with comments within 24 hours. Even though the process was laborious, and each essay required around four-five drafts before a finalized version was realized, her assistance enabled my essays to stand out and they ultimately got me into Columbia.


Parent of a Dalton School Student Who Matriculated to Washington University:

We met Elizabeth through a friend. Elizabeth helped my son with both College Counseling and the Essay Coaching. She was terrific and very knowledgeable. She provided a lot of insight to us about all the schools we had been interested in and what their strengths and weaknesses were. Her assessments about the schools were spot on. My son is now at Washington University in St. Louis and it could not be a better fit!


Parent of an Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Who Matriculated to Tufts University:

Elizabeth was incredibly patient with my son’s writer’s block, and extremely spontaneous once he found his voice. She was thoughtful, encouraging and seemed to bring out the best in him. I think his essay was the most personal and moving piece of writing he’s ever produced, and I can only attribute that to the creative dynamic between my son and Elizabeth.