College Essay Brainstorms & Summer Boot Camps

College Application Essay Boot Camps:

In this five-week, or five-day, virtual one-on-one summer Boot Camp, I work with rising seniors on identifying a Common Application Essay prompt that sparks self-inquiry, a desire to write and, most importantly, contributes to the student’s narrative without repeating the obvious.

The purpose of the Boot Camp is to apply heat to the student, to create a call-to-action concerning the application process. By responding to the various college essay prompts and exercising a few essay openers, the student usually finds a topic that charms and informs. The goal is to have an initial draft of the Common Application Essay completed by the end of their five-week or five-day Boot Camp.

Boot Camps are comprised of one hour-long Brainstorm and four essay-drafting sessions, for a total of five hours of work. The first brainstorming hour is conducted in-person or via Skype with the remaining four hours of essay generation and editing occurring via email.

Boot Camps are for rising senior high school students only and are conducted during the months of June, July and August. The fee for a Boot Camp is $750.

College Essay Brainstorms:

In this one-hour drafting session for high school seniors, in-person or via Skype, I will help get the proverbial essay ball rolling. We will work together to review college essay topics and hopefully find one that satisfies a Common Application Essay prompt, engages the reader and feels honest in tone and point-of-view.

My background in PR, marketing and branding as well as years spent as a fiction and creative non-fiction writing teacher come into play when I look at a student’s dossier. The college essay shouldn’t be a reiteration of what’s already obvious from test scores, grades, teacher recommendations, outside interests, summer experiences and academic/athletic/artistic achievements. Rather, a good essay adds dimension, character and personality to a student’s application.

Sessions are conducted in-person or via Skype during the months of June, July and August. The fee for the Brainstorm is $350.

As always, drop me a line ( or give me a holler (917-863-2424) to talk about your student’s college essay or college counseling needs.