Talks. Workshops. 1:1 College Coaching.

For the past 10 years I’ve coached students on their college application journey. I’ve seen the highs and lows while a student navigates their next educational commitment. It’s big. Even though I witnessed my own two children undertake this responsibility, I’m still wowed by the magnitude of the process, academically, emotionally, creatively and athletically. Students aren’t just doing it all; they’re doing it all so well.

Scientists, artists, actors, athletes, intellectuals, comedians, pre-med, pre-law, astrophysicists, animators, dancers, inventors, coders, save-the-worlders, set designers, physical therapists and, among my favorites, the unabashed “undecideds” — I love my students for their range of interests and voices, and I strive to help them speak and live their truth.

Even if their journeys take unexpected detours or accidental exits, the students I’ve coached always seem to get back on the road and steer their lives to the destination they’ve chosen and advocated for. This ability to prevail, often against many odds, attests to the grit, resolve and resilience families, teachers and mentors have instilled in them.

To that end, I’m available.


I’ve presented at PTA/Parents’ Association or Guidance/Counseling Office events as well as civic organizations, addressing topics as wide as How to Navigate the College Application Process and as granular as How to Create a College List.

Whether it’s in-person or virtually, I’m comfortable engaging with a “full-house” or an intimate group, answering questions and hopefully providing valuable tips that enhance the application journey for both students and their families.


Zoom “No Bad Ideas” College Essay brainstorms are among my favorite student workshops to host. I’ve conducted hourlong and 90-minute interactive events for schools, libraries, civic organizations, afterschool groups, Girl Scouts’ troop meetings, among others. My goal in these sessions is to offer both a strategy and a game plan for drafting a can’t-put-down personal narrative while allowing students to share topic ideas with one another.

1:1 College Coaching

I’m currently onboarding/registering students for the 2021/22 season so please reach out if your student is interested in working together.

I’ve had a few inquiries from families with Freshman and Sophomore high school students who seek guidance with course selection, extracurricular advising, summer/school year internships, sports and arts programs, standardized testing options and overall “college prep” input. If this extension to the Unlimited College Counseling & Essay Coaching program appeals, please click here.

For more information about College Counseling/Essay Coaching, please drop me a line at or give me a holler at 917-863-2424. Also, for “news you can use,” please check out my blog, videos, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.