Virtual Writing Bootcamp for High Schoolers Via FaceTime & Google Docs

I just got off the phone with a parent who’s concerned her high schooler is feeling aimless.

This is a student who normally has tremendous focus and drive, not just regarding her academic performance, but for her extracurricular and social activities as well. School life provides structure and community, two elements that we’re striving to create technologically right now.

After speaking to this parent, I realized that some students might want to work 1:1 on their writing and communications skills to keep them toned and agile. Minds like bodies have muscle memory and need to stay active during these unprecedented times. Here are a few areas where I’m remotely coaching ALL high school students, grade 9-12, via my virtual writing bootcamp:

Academic Writing

Research papers, expository essays, persuasive arguments, college prep exercises, job query letters, resumes: bring it on! Let’s use this time to get these assignments done.

Creative Writing

Short stories, Flash Fiction, even novels: why not? Writing is writing no matter the genre. Embracing a new form with its challenges and rewards could be just the antidote to cabin/apartment fever.

Personal Essays

Application essay drafting: normally, I encourage high school juniors and 8th graders to focus on getting their standardized testing and school touring done before turning their gaze towards their personal essays, but ‘normal’ went out the window days ago! Let’s look at some essay prompts and road-test some versions.

Enroll Now!

If your 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grader wants to exercise their academic, creative or personal essay writing skills, consider a virtual writing bootcamp. Drop me a line at or give me a holler at 917-863-2424. Also, for “news you can use,” please check out my blog, videos, Facebook, and Instagram.