Value of an Off-Site College Counselor

When parents ask, “My child has a college counselor at school, why do we need another one?”

I answer, “Good question.”

The key word in that sentence is need. College guidance isn’t required; it’s not a necessity to gaining admission to college. Your student, teachers and the on-site college counselor are the only ones who can satisfy college application must-haves: a transcript, scores (optional sometimes), recommendations, essays.

I can, however, provide practical and emotional support during an often stressful 18 months in a family’s life. Practical, in that I can detail aspects of the college application process that a busy on-site counselor just doesn’t have time to delve into. Emotional, in that I can deflect, and hopefully shoulder, some of the tension that can arise between juniors/seniors and their families.

My role is a very specific one: To make the college journey less arduous and more enjoyable.

How do I do that?

Please watch my video for a glimpse:

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